Does any of the following sound familiar?…

Do I have to agree with everything in the Bible?

Does science disprove religion?

If God is really in control, why is there so much suffering and evil in the world?

Would a loving God really condemn anyone to an eternity in Hell?

What about all these other religions?

If some parts of the Bible are metaphorical, how do I know any of it is true?

Does being a Christian mean I have to hate gay people?

Why does it seem like being a Christian is synonymous with being a Republican?

Why bother with church?

How can I stay in ministry if I’m not even sure what I believe anymore?

Do I even believe in God anymore?

Am I losing my faith?


Do you struggle with questions and doubts about your Christian faith? Have the answers you’ve been given so far feel less than satisfying? Have you been shut down, shamed, or threatened for even asking them? Do you long for the opportunity to explore your questions in a real and honest way, pursuing the truth wherever it may lead?

We’re here to help! STP founder, Mike Clawson - a religious scholar and former pastor - knows what it’s like to wrestle with questions of faith that went well beyond the bounds of his conservative church upbringing. But in pursing these questions he also discovered that the Christian faith was far more expansive, open, and inclusive than the narrow “range of acceptable answers” allowed by his natal tradition. Being a Christian didn’t mean a blind leap of faith or checking one’s brains at the door - and it didn’t have to look only one way.

In the process he also learned how to guide others down similar paths of both deconstruction and reconstruction. Not by providing his own new set of dogmatic answers, but by helping them explore the wide range of options, resources, and alternative viewpoints already out there - a process he describes as “theological coaching.”